A Return To The Fold


First an apology.

Old computers die.  New computers are full of exciting new software that doesn’t recognise the old familiar hardware that I used to attach to the old computer and finding the right solution takes ages.  I owe a debt of gratitude to The Magic Computer Man who made all the various bits talk to each other again and made my life feel saner as a result.



These are the same flower photographed twice, first without a flash and then with one.  Tulips are like magic.  These ones were given to me by friends, arriving as tight buds that stood stiffly upright they have swayed and danced about, peeling their petals further and further apart until the are bursting to drop.  Other friends tell me that it is time I gave them to the compost, but I love every stage of their passing and cannot throw them out until they have lost all colour and are dried and curled beyond all recognition of the way in which they started.


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