Back Again

Weighty decisions

Weighty decisions


It’s been a while, and I’m sorry for the long silence, but now I’m back on course. Summer has had us heading in all sorts of directions and added extra tasks to the general run of things, watering vegetables not least among them.

A long time ago I made the decision that I would work all the way through the winter, aiming to complete a book, at least in first draft form by the arrival of spring, giving me the summer to refine and edit. This spring found me editing one series, refining another completed book and racing round the country on family affairs. All good, all positive, but I had no idea how time consuming it would all be. And then there was another book looming on the horizon and I’ve had to take myself in hand and put it on the back burner to make sure that there is time to breathe.

Now I am finding my way into new rhythms and beginning to get back to some of the old familiar tasks, including writing to you!

Hoover lurking in the long grass, ever ready for a game of hide and seek

Hoover lurking in the long grass, ever ready for a game of hide and seek

Hoover and I still tramp the hills, sometimes rain splattered, other times sun drenched, always delighted by the views and surprises they throw at us. Hoover now has her own blog – You can catch her there, with her own look at the world.

The natural world still teaches us fresh lessons every day. How we all loved the warmth of the sun, summer at last after what has seemed like years of rain and heavy skies. For some it has almost been too much heat. The fields turned golden with ripening crops that had barely managed to grow to full height. Where the soil was thin plants shrivelled and curled in dismay. Yet this morning, as Hoover and I ambled along in the rain I noticed that the grass is already producing new shoots of brilliant green.

Sprouting afresh, against the odds

Sprouting afresh, against the odds

Keep on going, it says to me. Even when it seems hard and the uphill struggle seems to be that alone, it will be worth it in the end. Never give up, keep on growing.  There is always a surprise around the corner.



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