After The Rain, The Sun

Overgrown path

The hod weed that we so dislike in the garden we love in the hedgerow

It is extraordinary how much the spirit is lifted by sun after rain. From the moment I woke this morning I was aware of a change in the light. Sure enough, blue skies washed across the heavens, and sunshine lit the tops of the trees. Abandoning any pretence of coats Hover and I took to the hills.
“You’ll be cold!” called my mother from her bedroom window as we set off, but walking is warm business and I wasn’t worried.

Scudding clouds built up, but the sun was doing it’s best and pools of light raced across the fields chasing away dark thoughts and reminding me that Jay is returning after an absence of several days.

Are those deer I smell?

Hoover feels honour bound to check for deer

Larks competed to either side of us; sparrows, buffeted by the breeze that tugged at Hoover’s ears, dive bombed the hedgerows. Far above us an early aviator spun circles in his biplane as we headed along the old tracks. Over on the lip of Lyscome Bowl an early morning bonfire blew smoke into the sky, smudging the woods and hedges on the horizon. Given the opportunity to turn for home, we took the longer track launching further afield, postponing breakfast.

Scabious with bugs

Insects made the most of fresh nectar, happy to share dining facilities

Fresh flowers have pushed their way through regrowth in the hedgerows, sudden splashes of purple, pink, yellow and white. Nature is no respecter of man made ideas about colour combinations, but the design works fine. Hoover was still minded to chase deer. I remained adamant in my determination to thwart her plans. Biscuits are a great persuader. As we walked I ponder my writing. It is good thinking time and I often return with problems solved and plots twists resolved.

My favourite trees

Sudden illumination on two of my favourite trees

The colours are changing, but some keep coming back. As we finally headed back towards home we came across friends heading homewards too. Hoover and Maisie chased each other up and down the track, circling round us, pausing to inspect interesting smells. A sudden flash of red caught my eye. Poppies that earlier skirted the field are now marching into the wheat. Even under the looming sky they lift the heart and the clouds disappear leaving memories of blue.

Poppies making a take over bid

I returned home completely uplifted, ready to start a day of work, refreshed and renewed.

And Jay will be home tonight.

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