Early rising


Awake unusually early this morning I discovered mist, but the kind of mist that is buzzing with promises of warmth to come.  With a busy day ahead, Hoover and I were out on the hills long before our usual time and found them bristling with activity.  “Don’t usually see you out this early!”  “Doing something special?”  “Where are you off to?”  “Everything alright at home?” I am well known as The Late Dog Walker.

Jo was busy with her sheep – one of her lambs has a frozen elbow and she was penning him and his mother ready for the vet to inspect.  Will he be for the chop before he is suitable to become lamb chops?


Another friend, who recently qualified as a teacher, wanted advice about interview techniques for a job.  She has to teach a class of 10 year olds a skill in five minutes.  I wish I could learn a skill in five minutes.  It seems a little harsh, but she has been told she will not get a second over the five minutes. I suggested an expressions game which teaches recognition of emotions.  She commiserated on my busy day, and told me it would keep me out of mischief.  Hoover ran circles round Mickey who had found a stick to chew.  Maybe I should take to this.  There is certainly plenty to entertain in the early mornings.  

Back at the house men arrive before breakfast with a sofa, more plaster comes off the front wall and I have painting to do before I can return to the 17th century.  And the sun is shining brightly.


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