Hoover on the beach in Cornwall


Hoover finds beaches confusing.  She loves them, after all they are filled with seagulls who want to play tag.  They often have new people with whom she can make friends.   Sometimes these people have food with them.  She assumes that they have brought it for her and sits very close to them, wagging persuasively.

They are also perfect places for people to throw things, apart from seagulls, for her to chase and bring back.

However, beaches have drawbacks too.  The sea behaves erratically; chasing her, when she feels she should be the one who does the chasing.  Ones with pebbles crunch her feet.  Ones with sand make things taste gritty.  But she has perfected a washing technique, dunking sandy stones and balls in water and then daintily picking them up again.  Of course  this means that they get grittier even more quickly.

 And there is always the risk that she might get wet.  Heaven forfend!  As I said – she finds beaches confusing.


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